Robo's ElectricalBody Effects

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Some aestatic effects, truly shocking.
A package with effects of the electrical kind. These effects are simply based on a very animefied version of electrical powers, so if you've ever wanted to feel like the you control electricity or even feel like you can zap through thin air this is probably the pack you're looking for.

The effects included are as follows:

  • Clone System which places a electrical clone in shape of the last pose you did when activating the clone
    (Known Issue with Cloning system with local visibility of the clones in your own vrc camera as well as in mirrors whilst normal behaviour for remote players)
  • Lightning Storm

  • GodSpeed (This is the effect also shown in the cover for this page)

  • Body Sparks

  • Electrical body

  • Electrical body Slowmotion toggle

  • Ground Electricity

  • Zappy Fingers

Setup video can be found on the last cover slide on this gumroad listing


Personal License - You may use the package on your private avatars that doesn't directly generate revenue this does include if you're a youtuber or streamer generating revenue in a direct way off of the package.

Commercial License - You're free to use the package on paid vrchat avatars as well as using it as a way to generate revenue in any media format.

You may use the avatar for Public avatars.
You may not use for free avatars or nitro avatars

Do not resell as a standalone product, only on finished avatars.

When using this package link to this asset should exist in the description of the avatar.

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Electricity based effects set up for use inside vrchat

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Robo's ElectricalBody Effects

17 ratings
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